Jessica Tomasin

"We're all going to be busy for the rest of our lives.

The question is, busy doing what?" 

-Doc Klein 





Who Am I?


I'm driven by a desire to leave the world in a better place than I found it. I love to connect people as much as I love connecting with people. I was born and raised in Detroit, MI but have called Asheville, NC home for the last 18 years.  Music has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, starting with my fascination of music in movies from a very early age.  I started writing short stories and keeping a journal in the 5th grade. I crave creativity and I use many different avenues to feed that part of my brain, including writing, container gardening, and now even stand up comedy. I'm left handed which means I'm always in my right mind, even when I'm not. Being in the woods is therapy for me. I mean, have you ever seen someone come out of the woods angry?  Exercise keeps me sane.  I think everyone should wait tables at some point in their life. I've been a storyteller at the same preschool for 15 years which is my favorite thing ever. I'm definitely a dog person.   

Professional Bio

Jessica Tomasin's work ethic started at the age of 12, when she started stocking shelves at a 7-11 in Detroit. From there she worked a myriad of jobs, from making pizzas to renting tuxedos to working for General Motors. Her first experiences in music in Detroit included helping a friend load in crates of records to various raves and singing back up vocals on a hip hop track in a recording studio at the age of 16. After moving to Asheville, she continued to grow her diverse skills in construction, rock climbing, and restaurant management before landing at the Orange Peel music venue. It was in 2006 that she became the studio manager of Echo Mountain Recording, a position that would set the path for a passion driven career. Since then she has expanded her path to include artist/label management, booking, and event production. In 2013 she was chosen as Entrepreneur of the Year by the City of Asheville/Chamber of Commerce for her work in music. In 2014 she started Jet Up Productions and currently produces a number of festivals and events each year. As time has progressed, Jessica decided that all projects have to come from a place of leaving the world/community in a better place than she found it so she co-founded the Asheville Music Professionals, a non-profit organization committed to providing education, advocacy, connection, and collaboration in the music community. Currently, she is working on producing a few music related documentaries. She's co-owner of ACME, a publishing company that helps to connect artists with licensing opportunities. She's volunteered the last 17 years in her community and she is committed to helping the future of music in any way she can.