Inside/Out Urban Music Workshop



After hosting an Asheville Music Professionals workshop on copyright and publishing I received an email from Spaceman Jones, a hip hop artist who had attended the event. At the panel (which featured a publishing company, an entertainment lawyer, and a hit songwriter all from Nashville) a number of songwriters talked about taking a group trip to Nashville.  Spaceman said, "I get a lot out of these events, but I'm never going to take a trip to Nashville. Thanks for what you do and don't forget about the Urban musicians in town." I appreciate most kinds of music but my heart belongs to R&B, Soul, and Hip Hop (Must have to do with all that Otis Redding and Marvin Gaye my mom exposed me to in Detroit.) So I approached my friend Nex Millen about putting something together specifically for Urban artists. And we did just that; an 8 week program that teaches the ins and outs of the music business. From production, to performance and business, each participant sets their own goals to achieve in the 8 weeks. Our program is sponsored by Ableton and we teach production using Ableton Live and the Push One Units.